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Welcome 2018 Junior Fair Exhibitors!
Please read the following information completely before proceeding
Important Information
                1. When logging onto the system, please log on with your name as it was registered on your 4-H enrollment form. If your name is William but you go by Bill and it was listed on your enrollment papers as William make sure you type in William or the system will not be able to locate you. When logging on please remember your password is your last name with the first letter capitalized. For example is my name was William McSmith, my password would be McSmith just as on my enrollment papers. Additionally on the first screen when it allows you to check your information please edit information and enter your parents names, please list both parents if you wish to have them both listed in the sale order and other publications.
                2. Some fields will be required. Required fields have a star next to them.
                3. You are responsible for knowing and following all posted rules and regulations of the departments you enter. Please ask for a copy of the Junior Fair book if you have any questions regarding the rules and regulations.
                4. Seneca County Junior Fair Board will NOT be held responsible for entry errors. Please make sure ALL information is correct before completing your entry.
                5. Please call the fair office for assistance if you are unsure about any part of the on-line entry process.  
                6. Exhibitor MUST complete a Quality Assurance to be able to bring their animal to the fair. If you have questions on QA please contact the 4-H Extension office.